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Direct Detect Breath Diagnostic Device System


The Direct Detect Breath Diagnostic Device System is under development as a point-of-care/patient-use device that includes a biosensor and an app intended as an aid in the diagnosis of viral infection. The system uses a nanohole array (NHA)-based plasmonic system being designed for high sensitivity and selectivity detection of virus particles. The device uses a thin sheet of gold coated with virus-specific proteins that can bind with the virus. Once the virus binds, the wavelength of light bouncing off the surface changes, creating a different color of light.  This change in light color can be detected by a smartphone camera and an app with algorithms designed to detect the virus. The test has the potential to provide results within minutes and the results can be sent to healthcare professionals or public health databases using the app on the patient’s mobile device.  

Development Status

The Direct Detect Breath Diagnostic Device System is currently under research stage of development and a platform prototype is expected by Q1 2022.

Upcoming Milestones:

After the platform is established, Hoth plans to pick a selection of target analytes for further diagnostic development.